Jason Yoder – FASTER!!!! Make Your Code Run Faster!

  • How long do you wait for PowerShell to complete?  I had a student from my PowerShell class take a 640 hour manual task down to just 1 hour and 20 minutes utilizing PowerShell.  Automation is great, but writing code that runs faster gives you and your organization a tactical advantage.  Simply put, the faster things work, the more money you save.  What difference does a quarter of a second make?  Well, try working in an environment of 100,000 nodes.  Just a delay of .25 seconds per node will cost you an extra 7 hours.

    This deep dive will take a look at various ways to gauge the speed of your code execution and tactics on how to accelerate your goals through the use of methods, background jobs, and simple coding techniques. Whether it is through remoting on-premises or reaching out to the cloud, we will make things happen faster.