Thom Schumacher

  • Thom Schumacher is an IT professional with over 25 years’ experience  Thom’s background includes  10 years as an Avionics tech 16 years for a major computer manufacturer, and his last position was with an eCommerce company.  Thom is currently employed in Tempe AZ for a major home builder as a configuration manager
    Thom started the Microsoft PowerShell user’s group in Austin Texas & is the current Leader of the Arizona PowerShell users group .  Thom’s Microsoft PowerShell expertise is in IIS, TFS, supporting dot net developers and their code.  Thom has attended a number of the Microsoft PowerShell user’s conference in the US and recently attended the European Microsoft PowerShell conference in Stockholm Sweden. He is passionate about teaching what he knows and automating whatever he can.

    Thom’s hobbies include motorcycles, brewing beer, woodworking and PowerShell.