• June Blender

      June Blender 

      June Blender is a technology evangelist for SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. Formerly a Senior Programming Writer at Microsoft Corporation, she is best known for her work with the Windows PowerShell product team from 2006-2012, developing the help system and writing the Get-Help help topics for PowerShell 1.0 – 3.0. In other roles, June wrote content for the Azure Active Directory SDK and Azure PowerShell Help, Windows Driver Kits, Windows Support Tools, and Windows Resource Kits. She lives in magnificent Escalante, Utah, where she works remotely when she's not out hiking, canyoneering, or convincing...

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    • Will Murphy

      Will Murphy 

      Will Murphy is a Systems Engineer with 15 years experience specializing in monitoring and automation. He started scripting and programming on AIX while co-oping with an automotive manufacturer. Will currently works for a lighting manufacturer in Atlanta where he is on a team responsible for managing the company-wide data centers and networks. Will works with Azure, Office365, VMware, NetApp, and Active Directory. This has led to cutom PowerShell based tools for everthing from AD, Office365, web application deployment and enterprise job scheduling. Recently he's worked with development teams...

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    • Will Anderson

      Will Anderson 

      Will Anderson is a ten-plus-year infrastructure veteran with a specialization in Patch Management and Compliance and System Center Configuration Manager. Working in environments ranging from 80 users to over 150,000, Will has acquired a knowledge of a broad range of products and service lines ranging from Exchange, Active Directory and GPO, to the operating system platform and a variety of applications. In recent years, he’s become quite the nerd about PowerShell, and blogs about the latest, new, cool things he finds or creates to make his life as an admin and engineer easier. You can fin...

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    • Jason Walker

      Jason Walker 

      Jason is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer/PowerShell Evangelist supporting customers in the Public Sector arena. He has expertise in Exchange, security, and PowerShell. Jason has been featured as a guest blogger on the Hey Scripting Guy Blog as well as maintains his personal blog. You can follow Jason on twitter as AutomationJason.

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    • Mark Minasi

      Mark Minasi 

      As the author of 43 technical books written in the last 25 years on networks, the software industry, GUI design, PC repair and the Wing Commander game series, Mark Minasi is the author you are most likely to have read without remebering his name. Besides his million-selling books and nearly a thousand columns, Mark is a popular teacher and keynote speaker, having spoken in 48 countries. His best idea ever, though was his realization 32 years ago that this business doesn't have to be dull, and that the key to getting people to stay awake in tech talks is to just "not suppress the funny." M...

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    • Adam Driscoll

      Adam Driscoll 

      Adam Driscoll is a Senior Software Developer for Concurrency, Inc. and a PowerShell MVP based out of Madison, WI. He has experience working with a range of Microsoft technologies and programming languages. Adam is the author of the open-source project PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio. This extension is used by thousands of developers around the world and currently ships as part of the Visual Studio 2015 installation package. Adam is an avid blogger, poor golfer and an Ironman Wisconsin in training.

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    • Ed Wilson

      Ed Wilson 

      Ed Wilson is the Microsoft Scripting Guy. He writes the twice daily Hey Scripting Guy! blog (the number 1 blog on TechNet and MSDN). He has also spoken at TechEd in both the US and in Europe. He is the inventor of PowerShell Saturday, and has spoken at several of the events. He is a Microsoft-certified trainer and has written a Windows PowerShell workshop that is delivered internally to Microsoft Employees. He has written 11 books including 8 on Windows scripting that were published by Microsoft Press. He has also contributed to nearly ...

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    • Ashley McGlone

      Ashley McGlone 

      Ashley McGlone is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer (PFE). He started writing code on a Commodore VIC20 back in 1982, and he's been hooked ever since. As a former MCT Ashley used to teach MCSE classes on NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. Ashley spent eight years of his IT career administering a large enterprise where he scripted for Active Directory and thousands of workstations. Today he specializes in Active Directory and PowerShell, helping Microsoft Premier Customers reach their full potential through risk assessments and workshops. Ashley's favorite workshop to teach is Windows PowerShell Essenti...

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    • Mick Pletcher

      Mick Pletcher 

      Mick Pletcher is a SCCM Administrator with Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP, a Nashville-based law firm with more than 200 attorneys in four offices. In this role he deploys software to more than 500 users across the Southeast and is responsible for automating tasks via the use of PowerShell, administering group policies, deploying Windows updates, and the PC build process. Prior to joining Waller, Mick implemented alternate system design approaches and managed software and Operating Systems using SCCM 2012, along with SMS Installer, PowerShell, and VBScript at one of the nation’s larges...

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    • Sean Kearney

      Sean Kearney 

      $PowerShellMVPBio=@" A long time ago in a Cmdlet far far away... there was this guy, who sang about PowerShell" Sean is a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP who's main Axe is Windows PowerShell. He is also on Honorary Scripting Guy and regular contributor to the "Hey Scripting Guys" Blog site on Microsoft having also written six unique Holiday Specials about Windows PowerShell. Often seen with PowerShell Polly at his side, he delights in trying to make life a little better for others through automation. Unfortunately he sings (*badly*) so we can't forgive him for that. He is pres...

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    • Bill Grauer

      Bill Grauer 

      Bill Grauer is a Premier Field Engineer focused on Powershell development. Bill started with Microsoft in 1998 supporting Windows desktops for Enterprise as well as NT Server and Exchange. In 2008 Bill moved to the developer space supporting custom applications and Powershell. In this developer support role Bill not only helps customers develop solutions using Powershell but also discusses scripting best practices with customers. The latter effort led him to write the Script Analyzer which can be downloaded on Microsoft.com. Today his focus is on teaching and evangelizing Powershell and a...

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    • Adnan Cartwright

      Adnan Cartwright 

      Working with different companies Adnan helps to secure, expand, and maintain their networks using the most up-to-date technology available. Adnan was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in Software Packaging, Deployment & Servicing. He has presented numerous events including the launch of Server 2012 and Windows 8. A graduate from ITT Technical Institute earning degrees in Information Technology Computer Networking Systems and Information Systems Security, Adnan is involved within the technical community and has a passion for teaching and sharing technical knowledge t...

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    • Alex Melching

      Alex Melching 

      I am a Sr. Technical Consultant at TechHouse located in Sarasota, Florida. I mainly work in the cloud space with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Azure. I am also part of the committee for the IT Pro Camp and have been speaking at several of the IT Pro Camps. When I do find the time, I blog about Office 365, Azure, and the other Online Services on my blog at http://www.alexs-cloud.com or on my company’s website at http://www.tech-house.com. I have a full range of Microsoft certifications including Office 365, Azure, and Windows Server.

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