Getting Started with PowerShell

  • PowerShell, Wait, Huh, What? Do I have to?

    If you work in IT managing systems, or you do repetitive tasks, it would be best to learn PowerShell.

    Heads up! This session will get you started from the entry level of not knowing PowerShell to being able to write your very first cmdlet. Hey it’s all about taking that first step. We will then look at how you can gather information from the Shell and go on to working with objects like files and users maybe even the datacenter deploying a few systems. So whether you are entry-level IT Pro, IT Career Student or even a 1st Level Help Desk Support Tech no matter the position. This session will get you on going on the right track.


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    The following companies have graciously sponsored some of our speakers for PowerShell Saturday 010! SnipImageconcurrency-logointegrity_logo5964_CISTEL_LOGO_COLOUR-e1429537987345SAPIENLogo