• Ashley McGlone

      Ashley McGlone 

      Ashley McGlone is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer (PFE). He started writing code on a Commodore VIC20 back in 1982, and he's been hooked ever since. As a former MCT Ashley used to teach MCSE classes on NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. Ashley spent eight years of his IT career administering a large enterprise where he scripted for Active Directory and thousands of workstations. Today he specializes in Active Directory and PowerShell, helping Microsoft Premier Customers reach their full potential through risk assessments and workshops. Ashley's favorite workshop to teach is Windows PowerShell Essenti...

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    • Matt Graeber

      Matt Graeber 

      Matt Graeber is a devoted husband, security researcher, white hat hacker, and former Navy linguist. In recent years, Matt has focused on using PowerShell as a tool aid in reverse engineering, forensics, and penetration testing. As one of just a handful of security-minded PowerShell hackers, he constantly promotes PowerShell as an attack platform in an effort to raise awareness of its security implications in the enterprise. He is also a huge fan of Windows internals, dissecting undocumented file formats, and picking apart malware. Matt frequently writes about esoteric PowerShell topics and...

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    • Chris Weaver

      Chris Weaver 

      Chris has been working for Microsoft since 2008 and in the summer of 2010 joined the PFE group as a Dedicated engineer supporting several Premier customers around SharePoint and all processes around it - including Migration, DR, High availability, etc. Chris is a big advocate of using PowerShell with SharePoint and has several projects on the go around SharePoint.

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    • Jim Christopher

      Jim Christopher 

      Jim has 19 years of professional experience developing complex software projects in highly regulated industries, including education, gaming, and defense. His professional drive is designing software, systems, and user experiences for automation, a theme that has earned him a three-time Microsoft MVP for PowerShell.  Jim is a frequent speaker at technical user groups and conferences, where he enjoys sharing the awesomeness of PowerShell with other developers.  Jim currently runs Code Owls LLC, a Charlotte NC company focused on automation solutions and devo...

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    • Ed Wilson

      Ed Wilson 

      Ed Wilson is the Microsoft Scripting Guy. He writes the twice daily Hey Scripting Guy! blog (the number 1 blog on TechNet and MSDN). He has also spoken at TechEd in both the US and in Europe. He is the inventor of PowerShell Saturday, and has spoken at several of the events. He is a Microsoft-certified trainer and has written a Windows PowerShell workshop that is delivered internally to Microsoft Employees. He has written 11 books including 8 on Windows scripting that were published by Microsoft Press. He has also contributed to nearly ...

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    • Chris Campbell

      Chris Campbell 

      Chris Campbell is a security researcher and penetration tester who regularly utilizes PowerShell to improve his life and demonstrate security concepts. He contributes to the PowerSploit project, a collection of PowerShell modules that aid in security assessments, and has presented at several security conferences including BlackHat and Derbycon. He blogs at www.obscuresec.com and is semi-active on twitter (@obscuresec).

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    • Jason Walker

      Jason Walker 

      Jason is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer/PowerShell Evangelist supporting customers in the Public Sector arena. He has expertise in Exchange, security, and PowerShell. Jason has been featured as a guest blogger on the Hey Scripting Guy Blog as well as maintains his personal blog. You can follow Jason on twitter as AutomationJason.

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    • exhibitor - James Adams

      James Adams 

      James is a Microsoft PFE with 13 years in the IT industry based Greenville, South Carolina.  He specializes in Windows OS Performance topics, SAN Storage architecture and planning, Deployment (MDT2012) and Failover Clustering technologies.  Currently he delivers PowerShell related talks and workshops exclusively for Microsoft customers and partners.  James is a firm believer in maximizing efficiency in enterprise environments through the use of efficient and robust code.

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    • Brian Wilhite

      Brian Wilhite 

      Brian began my Information Technology career in May of 1997 where he interned as a Computer Technician for Stanly Community College in Albemarle, North Carolina, supporting their Novell environment. Since then, he has worked for various organizations supporting Microsoft based technologies. Brian spent the last nine years with a large health care provider in North Carolina where he held numerous technical roles. Recently, he joined Microsoft as a Platforms Premier Field Engineer. Currently Brian is a co-leader for the Charlotte PowerShell User Group, and he has an insatiable passion for Wi...

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    • Sean Kearney

      Sean Kearney 

      Sean Kearney is a Senior Solutions Architect at the Advanced Microsoft Solutions team at Cistel Technology Inc. He lives in the world of Automation leveraging technologies such as System Center 2012 Orchestrator and will break out into song when the word “PowerShell” is even mumbled in the area. He has recently presented at both TechEd in North America and Europe. Also he has contributed three Unique Holiday Specials about PowerShell to Microsoft, is an Honorary Scripting Guy who regularly contributes to www.scriptingguys.com...

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    • Glenn Sizemore

      Glenn Sizemore 

      Glenn Sizemore is a Technical Marketing Engineer at NetApp, where he combines Microsoft Technologies with NetApp Storage using PowerShell as the glue. Glenn started scripting early in his IT career, and has made a living off it ever since.

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    • David Branscome

      David Branscome 

      David Branscome is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer currently working in the Federal Civilian practice. He has worked at Microsoft for 5 years, focusing on supporting large federal, state and local government and higher education customers in setting up their Exchange environment and all the operational tasks thereafter – including configuring the systems for high availability, disaster recovery and migration between versions. He has been working with Exchange for about 14 years.

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    • Jeremy Engel

      Jeremy Engel 

      Jeremy works in the health care industry as a lead systems engineer and architect, promoting new technologies and helping drive their acceptance and implementation. Being a fanatic of efficiency and automation, he also focuses on developing programs and scripts to ease the burden of administration for himself, his colleagues, and the community. Jeremy’s proudest contributions to this world are his three wonderful children, who together with his beautiful wife live in the bustling metropolis of Oak Ridge, North Carolina.

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    • Daniel St. Jean

      Daniel St. Jean 

      Daniel St. Jean is a Senior Support Engineer at MVP Systems Software and brings more than 17 years of enterprise systems management expertise to the customers he supports. In addition to PowerShell , he has extensive knowledge of Windows, Linux, and UNIX and has worked with a wide range of applications like SAP, JDE, Oracle and MS Dynamics. Daniel’s primary responsibilities include support for new customers as well as assisting onsite with enterprise engagements.

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