Iron Scripter!

  • The Scripting Games are a great way to flex your PowerShell muscles and learn new scripting techniques, but you don’t have to wait until the next community games for another chance to learn and have fun.

    Come to the Iron Scripter! competition. Put PowerShell to work solving a real-world problem, submit your script for judging, and the “Iron Scripter – PowerShell Saturday #007″ title could be yours to keep! If you happened to attend last year, you remember the trophy I’m sure. We’re planning another one-of-a-kind keepsake this time around…. but you’ll have to attend to learn what it is!

    The event will be run like a fast and short Scripting Game. The session will start with a description of a real-world problem to solve, along with hard and soft requirements that must be incorporated in the solution. Spend up to an hour working on your solution, then submit your script for judging by three PowerShell gurus. The script with the highest rating takes home the title, but regardless this is a great opportunity to receive feedback on your scripts from real-world experts!


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