• Ashley McGlone

      Ashley McGlone 

      Ashley McGlone is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer (PFE). He started writing code on a Commodore VIC20 back in 1982, and he’s been hooked ever since. As a former Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) Ashley used to teach MCSE classes on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. Ashley spent eight years of his IT career administering a large enterprise where he scripted for Active Directory and thousands of workstations. Today he specializes in Active Directory and PowerShell, helping Microsoft Premier customers reach their full potential through risk assessments and workshops. Ashley’s TechNet blog focus...

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    • Mike F Robbins

      Mike F Robbins 

      Mike F Robbins is a Senior Systems Engineer with almost 20 years of experience as an IT Pro who currently works for a healthcare company located in Meridian, MS. He’s a PowerShell Enthusiast who uses PowerShell on a daily basis to administer Windows Server, Hyper-V, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, Terminal Services, EqualLogic Storage Area Networks, and Backup Exec. Mike has written PowerShell guest blog articles for the Hey, Scripting Guy Blog! and PowerShell Magazine. He has an alphabet soup of letters behind his name including being a three time MCSE (NT4, 2000, & 20...

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    • Ed Wilson

      Ed Wilson 

      Ed Wilson is the Microsoft Scripting Guy. He writes the twice daily Hey Scripting Guy! blog (the number 1 blog on TechNet and MSDN). He has also spoken at TechEd in both the US and in Europe. He is the inventor of PowerShell Saturday, and has spoken at several of the events. He is a Microsoft-certified trainer and has written a Windows PowerShell workshop that is delivered internally to Microsoft Employees. He has written 11 books including 8 on Windows scripting that were published by Microsoft Press. He has also contributed to nearly ...

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    • Jeremy Engel

      Jeremy Engel 

      Jeremy works in the health care industry as a lead systems engineer and architect, promoting new technologies and helping drive their acceptance and implementation. Being a fanatic of efficiency and automation, he also focuses on developing programs and scripts to ease the burden of administration for himself, his colleagues, and the community. Jeremy’s proudest contributions to this world are his three wonderful children, who together with his beautiful wife live in the bustling metropolis of Oak Ridge, North Carolina.

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    • Troy Leasure

      Troy Leasure 

      Troy has spent the last decade specializing in the support and development of collaboration and Knowledge Management solutions through a host of products (SAS, Vignette, MediaWiki, SumTotal etc.) but now focuses primarily on MS SharePoint engagements. Troy has worked with the SharePoint Enterprise Platform in various capacities since 2005, starting from the 2003 SharePoint Portal Server to the present with SharePoint 2013. He has worked with a diverse set of clients from various industries, including Pharma, Insurance, Retail; Education, Real Estate, Media measurement and Software provid...

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    • Tommy Patterson

      Tommy Patterson 

      Tommy Patterson began his virtualization adventure during the launch of VMware’s ESX Server’s initial release.  At a time when most admins were only adopting virtualization as a lab-only solution, he pushed through the performance hurdles to quickly bring production applications into virtualization.  Since the early 2000s, Tommy has spent most of his career in a consulting role providing assessments, engineering, planning, and implementation assistance to many members of the Fortune 500.  Troubleshooting complicated scenarios, and incorporating best practices into customer’s production virtual...

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    • Brian Wilhite

      Brian Wilhite 

      Brian Wilhite has over 15 years of experience in Infomation Technology, and has been recently featured as a guest blogger for the Hey Scripting Guy Blog on Microsoft’s TechNet.  He works as a Windows System Administrator for a large health care provider in North Carolina.  In his current role, he leads a team of individuals that have responsibilities for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync, Windows Server Build, System Management, Performance and Automation.  Brian also supports and participates in the Charlotte PowerShell Users Group.  He can be found on ...

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    • Robert C. Cain

      Robert C. Cain 

      Robert C. Cain (http://arcanecode.com) is a Microsoft MVP in SQL Server, MCTS Certified in BI, and works as a Senior Consultant for Pragmatic Works. He is also a technical contributor to Plurasight Training, and co-author of 4 books including the brand new PowerShell Deep Dives. A popular speaker, Robert has presented at events such as the SQL PASS Summit, TechEd, SQL Rally, and numerous SQL Saturdays. Robert has over 25 years experience in the IT industry, working in a variety of fields ranging from manufacturing to telecommunications to nuclear power.

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    • Ian Philpot

      Ian Philpot 

      Ian has over 10 years of experience in web development, network administration, content management systems and enterprise architecture. Prior to joining Microsoft, Ian was a technology consultant for Big 4 and boutique consulting firms. He has many certifications including CISSP, MCT and MCPD. Currently, Ian is working toward his Bachelor’s degree at University of Massachusetts. In his spare time he can be found trail running and mountain biking. Blog: http://adminian.com Twitter: @admnian

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    • Thomas Stringer

      Thomas Stringer 

      Thomas Stringer is a SQL Server premier field engineer at Microsoft. He specializes in scripting (Windows PowerShell), high availability, disaster recovery, performance tuning, internals, querying, and database administration. He also has a software development background in languages and platforms from C all the way through .NET (including C# for WinForms and ASP.NET WebForms/MVC applications).

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    • Russ Slater

      Russ Slater 

      Russ Slater is a Senior IPTV Systems Engineer with 15 years’ experience in systems automation. He started automation using VBScript on Windows NT and has been using Powershell since its release. He is currently working for a consulting firm where he is responsible for deploying and supporting Mediaroom. Russ is using Powershell to automate Windows, IIS, SQL, SCCM, SCOM, and XML. He is currently active in the Atlanta Powershell users group.

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    • Will Murphy

      Will Murphy 

      Will Murphy is a Systems Engineer with 12 years experience specializing in monitoring and automation. He started scripting and programming on AIX while co-oping with an automotive manufacturer. Will currently works for a lighting manufacturer in Atlanta where he is on a team responsible for managing the company-wide data centers and networks. Will works with VMware, NetApp, and Active Directory. He is a group lead in Exchange and SCOM and holds a NCDA certification. He is also active in the Atlanta PowerShell users group.

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    • Gary Siepser

      Gary Siepser 

      Gary has been a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer for 6+ years working directly with Premier customers to better leverage Microsoft technologies.  He has been focused solely on PowerShell for the last few years with a large emphasis on education through workshop delivery around the nation.  Prior to PowerShell, he worked with customers on Microsoft Exchange Server (5.5,2003,2007,2010,Exchange Online).  He even attained the Microsoft Certified Master Certification for Exchange 2007.  Gary has been in the IT industry for nearly 15 years and has been featured in the Hey Scripting Guy Blog...

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    • Jonathan Walz

      Jonathan Walz 

      Jonathan Walz is a Microsoft MVP in Windows PowerShell and has over 15 years of experience in Information Technology in areas such as Desktop Architecture, VDI, Active Directory, SCCM, Windows Server and desktop support. Since March 2007, Jonathan has been the co-host and technical brains for the PowerScripting Podcast (http://PowerScripting.net). The podcast is the longest-lived PowerShell show in existence, has featured dozens of weekly guests and has helped thousands of people who are learning and using PowerShell. The PowerScripting Podcast is the official podcast of http://PowerShell.org.

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