PowerShell & WMI; What You Really Need To Know…

  • Windows PowerShell and WMI are a match made in Redmond… Seriously, these two “Power” houses are spectacular, awe-inspiring, breathtaking and amazing when fused together.  This coming October 26th, Windows PowerShell fiends, myself included, will descend upon the Microsoft Campus in Alpharetta with a mouthwatering appetite for some PowerShell goodness, gluten free.  To satisfy that hardy hunger, come to my session where you’ll absorb “What You Really Need To Know” about PowerShell & WMI.  The session highlights include:

    1. A look at the WMI/CIM Cmdlets
    2. WMI Discovery Techniques
    3. Information Gathering Techniques
    4. Really Cool PowerShell/WMI Tricks

    It’s sure to be a PowerShell blast, you will walk away with some real world knowledge that you can start practicing immediately.



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