Scripting Datacenter Orchestration

  • Written by beefarino
  • August 3, 2012 at 4:48 pm

Datacenter Orchestration is all the buzz these days, but writing a script that deploys thousands of objects and runs for hours or days is just plain hard. In this session we’ll dissect a recent solution that was jointly developed by NetApp, Citrix, and Microsoft Consulting services. We’ll examine how we used the DevOps development pattern […]

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  Ed Wilson

Using Windows PowerShell 3.0 to manage the remote Windows 8 workstation.

There are four different ways to manage a remote Windows 8 workstation. The first is to use WMI remoting, the second is to use the computername cmdlets, the third is to use WinRm and Windows PowerShell native remoting, the last way is to use the CIM cmdlets. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages for the […]

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The Power is in the Shell, Use it Wisely!

Everybody knows PowerShell is powerful, it’s in the name! But did you know that PowerShell can read and understand XML? By leveraging XML among other things, complete builds can be automated – making them efficient and predictable. In this fun, interactive and demo-filled session – I will show you how you can leverage advanced functions […]

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Better Scripting for a Brighter Tomorrow

Tired of writing one-off scripts for a specific case or having to repeatedly modify an existing script to suit different sets of conditions? Do you want to make your scripts usable by non-scripters? Then take your scripting acumen to the next level! Not only can you make your scripts and functions more malleable, but you […]

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